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Premises Liability Lawyer In Alamogordo, NM

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Premises Liability law is a legal term mostly used for landowners’ states that owners must prevent injuries and be held liable if an incident occurs on their property and results in serious injury. 

For example, any tenant gets injured due to owners’ careless behavior with equipment or slip and fall incidents. In that case, the tenant or victim can rightfully file a premises liability claim against the owner or caretaker of real property. Plus, these claims are also valid if – another person or owner’s behavior or actions fail to provide security to tenants. But one cannot represent a case, he/she may require Premises Liability Lawyer help!

A few more premises liabilities claim that are filed against the owner: 

  • Broken sidewalk
  • Falling objects 
  • Improper signage 
  • Injuries occurred due to owner/occupiers’ negligence. 

Know when to file Premises Liability Claim – Alamogordo, NM 

While filing a premises liability claim, all your actions should be taken timely for two important reasons: 

  • It’s essential to preserve and protect vital evidence to justify your case. This can be done by putting the property owner/occupier on notice regarding the pending lawsuit. And request him to preserve incident-related evidence for further references. 
  • Statutes of limitation – a limited period is given to submit a tort notice or file a case after getting injured due to an accident. 

Suppose you doubt that reckless behaviour and negligence of the owner/occupier has contributed to the incident and caused injuries. Then consulting an Alamogordo premises liability lawyer in a timely manner is essential and crucial for you. 

As our Alamogordo premises liability attorney – Samuel I. Kane, will make sure your claim is preserved and provide free/no-obligation consultation to assess the case and present legal options available for you. 

Clients’ success-story of Premises Liability Claim – Alamogordo, NM 

A few weeks ago, our Alamogordo premises liability law firm handled a case where our client assisted his father-in-law in remolding the project. Meanwhile, his property owner inserted a wrong-sized blade into a circular saw and caused serious injuries to the client’s dominant hand. 

As we are known to be the best premises liability lawyer, we successfully negotiated the client’s claim with the homeowners’ insurance company. And recovered compensation for medical expenses, pain, emotional, physical suffering along with a compensatory claim for lost wages due to missed workdays. 

The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries – Alamogordo, NM 

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm.

Accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Bicycle Accident 
  • Bus Accident 
  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Truck Accident 

Other injuries: 

  • Brain injury
  • Dog bite 
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Premises liability (getting injured on your premises) 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful death 

Why only Alamogordo’s premises liability lawyer – Alamogordo, NM 

Our law firm works hard towards obtaining a favourable verdict for our clients by assessing accident circumstances. And help determine the degree of negligence or intensity of injury that occurred. 

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. handles only a few cases to concentrate and provides individual assistance. At the same time, he will work through every detail with his team of experts to maximize the claim’s value, if required.  

Contact our bus accident attorney for a free consultation – Alamogordo, NM 

We have an experienced Alamogordo premises liability attorney who has the necessary and well-known connections with certified medical providers for treatment purposes. Plus, they aggressively present the client’s case and try their best to beg the maximum value possible. So, it’s recommended to call us today and get a free/no-obligation consultation with further assistance.