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Dog Bite Attorneys In Alamogordo, NM

Our dog bite lawyers have the required experience to assess your deadliest cases.

Usually, if you get injured due to a dog bite you will be entitled to a personal injury claim filed against the dog owner or homeowner. As these claims are covered in the home owner’s insurance policy, you will easily get the due compensation claim. But while filing the claim, it’s necessary to establish the dog owner’s negligence. That can be accomplished by hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer

Possible personal injuries from a dog attack – Alamogordo, NM 

Depending upon the situation, a dog bite can result in minor or major injuries. Even if physical injury is not severe, a dog attack victim may struggle with – trauma, nightmares, or panic attacks in a few cases.

For example, any victim experiencing turmoil at night will struggle sleeping and feel afraid of dogs in the daytime. Later he may also go through panic attacks if he is terrified of the dog’s actions. And ultimately, he may build a fear of a dog whenever he encounters any dog again. 

Permanent injury compensation – Alamogordo, NM 

It’s not easy to determine whether dog bite injury is minor or major or measure the intensity of Emotional injury. 

Therefore, our Alamogordo dog bite attorney will inspect the extent of the injury by examining physical injury components. And if any dog attack victim experiences permanent injury or damage due to dog attack, which is compensated with a financial claim. And includes compensatory claims for emotional injuries along with non-tangible damages. 

Responsibility Establishment for Dog Bite Case – Alamogordo, NM 

As per New Mexico’s rules – homeowners or dog owners will be held liable if anyone gets injured due to their dog bite. As homeowners are directed to obey strict liability standards, they must prevent dog attack injuries on their property. 

Suppose, if any dog attacks an uninvited guest on a non-gated property, the owner will be held liable for resulting injuries and paying compensation against the same.

Plus, if you are amongst the family members injured due to a dog attack. It’s necessary to determine whether the homeowner has mentioned dog advisory or placed warning onlookers for guests, trespassers for potential risk of dog. However, if a homeowner or dog owner fails to exercise a standard care act, he will be strictly entitled to a compensation amount.  

Personal injury lawyer for Dog Bite Victim – Alamogordo, NM 

Most of the time, it’s difficult to predict how an unfamiliar dog will react while seeing you. Even if he is a pet dog, he can injure an experienced person with aggressive behaviour. Plus, an unsupervised dog may act aggressively towards unknowns and even bark at them. If a physically vulnerable – child, old or inexperienced person encounters a dog, he might experience major injuries by a dog attack. 

Suppose your loved one is injured in a dog attack, you can rightfully file a compensation claim for rehabilitation, medical costs, or physical–emotional sufferings under a personal injury lawsuit. 

And during the procedure, it will help if you contact our certified Alamogordo dog bite attorney, available at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane. As they have the required experience and knowledge, they will assess your case and provide a free no-obligation consultation and further assistance. 

A dog owner can be held liable in Alamogordo under the following circumstances. 

According to New Mexico’s law – certain circumstances should be present for a dog owner to be financially responsible or held liable against compensation for their dog’s behaviour. 

  • The owner should be aware of his dog’s history and know his tendencies to behave around certain people. And well aware of whether he has bitten anyone previously or not.
  • If a dog owner fails to place advisory or warning boards regarding the potential risk of their dog for trespassers or visitors.
  • An owner who failed to control their dog or prevent a situation that seemed to turn into a major incident or may result in serious injury.

As per law – most dogs get one “free” bite if he has not bitten anyone previously. So, in such a scenario, if any dog never acted viciously or aggressively and suddenly bites someone, his owner cannot be Held liable for any financial claim.

On the other hand, owners will be held liable for negligence if the dog does not possess any vicious danger but has a biting history. Moreover, if any dog owner recognizes their dog’s behaviour or witnesses their dog becoming nervous around other dogs and still not acting, it will be considered negligence. 

The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries – Alamogordo, NM 

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm.

Accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Bicycle Accident 
  • Bus Accident 
  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Truck Accident 

Other injuries: 

  • Brain injury
  • Dog bite 
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Premises liability (getting injured on your premises) 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful death 

Long term consequences with a Dog attack – Alamogordo, NM 

Dogs’ attacks or bites are not scary but can have a long-lasting physical side-effect on victims. However, the most common consequences one can experience with a dog bite injury are – 

  • Tendon damage 
  • Infection
  • Scarring 
  • Nerve damage 
  • Post-Traumatic stress 
  • Broken bones 

Usually, the intensity of a dog bite is unmeasurable until a medical provider does not thoroughly examine the injury. But most dog bite victims require rehabilitation if they experience damage to tendons, joints, and muscles. Additionally, dog bite victims may also require psychological therapy to overcome fear or terror caused by a dog attack. 

After an impactful dog attack and horrific injuries, it’s vital to contact a medical professional and seek necessary treatment. But sometimes, the victim is not financially strong enough to afford medical expenses and treatment. Therefore, it’s recommended to contact an experienced and dedicated Alamogordo dog bite injury lawyer, who will assess your case and file a due claim lawfully. 

Contact our Dog Bite Attorney for a free consultation – Alamogordo, NM 

Contact our experienced Alamogordo dog bite lawyers, who help assist victims in filing an accurate tort notice. And try their best to beg for maximum compensation claims for clients and their families. Our dog bite law firm – Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A also provides free/no-obligation consultation to their clients. So, call us today and recover your claim legally.