Dog Bite Lawyer in Las Cruces, NM

Anyone injured by a dog attack may have a personal injury claim against the homeowner or dog owner. In claiming personal injury for dog attacks, it is essential to establish the negligence of the dog owner, who may be covered by homeowner’s insurance policy.

Personal Injury from a Dog Attack

A dog attack can result in minor or serious injuries. In any case, a dog bite victim can suffer emotional injuries such as:

  • Trauma
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmares

It is possible for a dog attack victim who suffers minor physical injuries to also experience emotional turmoil at night, or during the day with panic attacks should they encounter a dog. While the physical injury may not be severe, the injured person may suffer significant emotional injury that must be compensated as well.

Compensation for Permanent Injury

In any dog attack, victims may suffer physical and emotional injuries that are not easily measured. A personal injury attorney will initially examine the physical injury component to assess the extent of the injury.

Depending on the circumstances of the dog attack, a victim may suffer permanent damage for which they may be compensated in money damages. The full value of compensation for permanent physical injury will also include payment of emotional injuries, which are non-tangible damages.

Establishing Responsibility

In New Mexico, homeowners are held to a strict liability standard that makes it their duty to prevent injury to guests on their property. When a homeowner’s dog on an un-gated property attacks an uninvited guest, the homeowner is strictly liable for the resulting injuries of the uninvited guest.

If you or a family member is injured in a dog attack, it is important to determine whether the homeowner exercised ordinary care in warning bystanders, guests, or trespassers of the potential risk of a dog attack. The homeowner’s failure in exercising this standard of care may entitle you to compensation.

Representing Dog-Attack Victims in Las Cruces

At the Law Offices of Samuel I. Kane, we have years of experience in dog attack cases. Our familiarity with the policies and conditions of homeowner’s insurance policies and general umbrella insurance allow us to find solutions for obtaining compensation for our clients’ injuries, whether or not the dog owner owned the home where the attack happened. We work very hard to ensure that our clients receive an adequate and equitable settlement for their injuries. Call to speak with an attorney today (575) 526-5263.