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Common Causes of Las Cruces Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailer semi-trucks and other large commercial trucks are large, difficult to drive, and can do serious damage when involved in accidents with smaller vehicles. In fact, in fatal accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles, the fatalities occur in the passenger vehicle over 80% of the time. Victims of large truck accidents can be left with debilitating injuries and overwhelming medical costs.

Unfortunately, victims of New Mexico large truck accidents often face an uphill battle to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Don’t let trucking and shipping companies deny you the money you need to make a full recovery after a serious truck accident. Contact the Las Cruces truck accident lawyer Samuel I. Kane at 575-526-5263 for a free consultation after you or someone you love is hurt in a truck accident in southern New Mexico.

Why Do Las Cruces Large Truck Accidents Happen?

Negligent hiring, training, and supervision

Driving a large commercial truck is nothing like driving a passenger vehicle. Drivers need many hours of driving practice. Drivers must also be trained by their employers in safe driving practices, such as federal rules mandating rest and limiting the number of hours that drivers can be on the road in a single day. Companies that fail to provide appropriate training in federal trucking rules and regulations or encourage their drivers to violate these rules should be held responsible for accidents caused by poorly-trained drivers. Likewise, companies who hire drivers with a long history of traffic violations, criminal conduct, or other dangerous behavior should bear liability if those drivers’ dangerous behaviors result in injury accidents.

Drowsy, drunken, or distracted driving

Just like passenger vehicle drivers, truck drivers have a legal and moral responsibility to be sober behind the wheel, paying full attention to the roadway in front of them. Unlike passenger vehicle drivers, truck drivers have a much greater chance of causing a serious or fatal accident should they read or send texts while driving, drive after drinking, or drive after having gotten too little sleep.

Poor truck maintenance

Large trucks put a great deal of wear and tear on their engines, brakes, and tires. Carrier Companies have a duty to have their vehicles inspected at regular intervals. If these vehicles aren’t properly maintained, they will become more likely to be involved in an accident should tires lose traction or brake systems no longer be able to bring vehicles to a complete stop.

Help is Available After A Serious Las Cruces Truck Accident

Get help recovering the money you’re owed after a New Mexico truck accident by contacting the effective, dedicated, and knowledgeable Las Cruces personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. for a free consultation on your case at 575-526-5263.

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