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Is There a Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in New Mexico?

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our experienced team of personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces often emphasize that time is of the essence when pursuing a claim against a negligent party in New Mexico. Here is why. First, it is important to pursue medical care immediately after a collision or injury incident occurs,… Read More »

Why is it Important to Contact a Las Cruces Personal Injury Attorney Immediately After an Accident?

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our experienced personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces know that getting hurt in an accident can devastate your physical, emotional, and financial well-being-without notice. Whether you were injured in a vehicle collision, motorcycle crash, while on foot, or during a slip and fall incident, the… Read More »

5 Types of Damages You Should Claim After a Las Cruces Car Accident

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our car accident attorneys in Las Cruces know that vehicle collision are one of the most common reasons our New Mexico residents file personal injury claims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies. We also know that partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney in… Read More »

How Can I Pursue Financial Recovery After an Accident Involving an Emergency Vehicle in New Mexico?

By Samuel Kane |

When fire trucks, police officers, or ambulances are responding to an emergency, they are traveling swiftly while avoiding potential collisions with other vehicles. When these emergency vehicles have flashing lights and sirens functioning, they are easier to spot and are legally permitted to break the rules of the road when responding to an emergency…. Read More »

When Can I File Premises Liability Claim in New Mexico?

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our personal injury attorneys in Las Cruces understand that premises liability claims can be complex, especially when the injured person is unsure about how our New Mexico laws apply to their accident. A premises liability claim is a type of negligence claim filed against a… Read More »

Connecting Las Cruces Motorcycle Accidents to Traumatic Brain Injuries

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our Las Cruces motorcycle accident attorneys understand how liberating it is to ride your motorcycle to work, school, or simply as an escape that provides a little peace of mind on the roadway. Our personal injury lawyers in New Mexico also know that motorcyclists face… Read More »

Who Is Responsible for My Las Cruces Bus Accident Injuries?

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, our Las Cruces bus accident attorneys understand that when our clients are injured on a public or private bus, they may have more questions than answers about who can be held accountable for their injuries. The key component to a successful personal injury claim is determining… Read More »

Traffic Accidents Involving Bicycles Are All-Too Common in Las Cruces

By Samuel Kane |

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, our Las Cruces personal injury attorneys use our experience to help bring justice to individuals and families who are hurt in traffic collisions throughout New Mexico by pursuing the negligent parties who caused their injuries for financial recovery. When the injured parties are bicyclists who are hurt during an auto accident,… Read More »

Technology Plays An Integral Role in Distracted Driving Accidents

By Samuel Kane |

Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 2,841 deaths from auto accidents caused by distracted driving. While many people equate distracted driving with texting teenagers, the truth is, distracted driving poses a substantial risk to everyone on the road. Among those killed in distracted driving collisions last year throughout the U.S., 1,730… Read More »

Personal Injury v. Catastrophic Injury Claims: What’s the Difference?

By Samuel Kane |

Personal injuries can occur during vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents, and even while walking through your neighborhood. When those injuries are substantial, or catastrophic, the injured person and their family are going to require long-term care that can physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming. When anyone in our community is hurt by another’s negligence,… Read More »

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