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How Do You Sue for a Dog Bite?

According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly five million people get bitten or mauled by dogs every year. While some attacks are not serious, more than 800,000 victims seek medical treatment…and some have life-threatening injuries. Those who sue for a dog bite are often able to get compensation to pay for medical bills, and for their pain and suffering. The key is finding a dog bite attorney who can prove the attack was the owner’s fault.

What is the Most Dangerous Breed of Dog? Here’s What Dog Bite Cases Say

Dogs are man's best friend, but sometimes, they're man's worst enemy too. While dogs bring a lot of joy into their owners' lives, they can be very dangerous in the wrong circumstances. A variety of accidents can occur from close proximity to a dog—including injuries from a fall, caused by something as simple as tripping over a dog's leash.

What You Should Know About New Mexico’s Dog Bite Laws

If you have a dog bite case in New Mexico, you might be surprised to learn that the state does not have a detailed law on this subject. This does not mean you can not win a dog bite case in New Mexico! It is still entirely possible to hold a negligible owner accountable and receive a settlement.