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Hillsborough County Public Schools Reach Settlement in Brain Injury Case

Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida has reached a settlement in a personal injury case involving a former student.

Sean McNamee was a member of Wharton High’s varsity football team two years ago. During warm-up drills, he hit his head on equipment that was left on the practice field. Doctor’s classified the injury as so severe that they did not expect McNamee to survive.

A year after his injury, McNamee’s family sued the school district, citing negligence. According to the family, McNamee did not receive proper medical care from the school’s staff, and was even allowed to drive home after hitting his head.

Today, McNamee still suffers from medical issues as a result of his brain injury. After reaching a settlement with the school system, McNamee reiterated, “every day is a struggle.”

The settlement with Hillsborough County Public Schools is valued at approximately $300,000. The district also agreed to cover a “claim bill”, which could see the family receive an additional $1.7 million. The district also adopted a new injury protocol named after McNamee, which specifically focuses on head injuries.

Recovering from Brain Injuries

Accidents that involve impact, however minor, can cause minor or severe brain injury. Damage can be to brain cells and blood vessels, or to the protective tissue of the brain. Significant impact may lead to bleeding or swelling of the brain, or even blood clots that can cause serious and permanent damage.

Although brain injuries can have many causes, people commonly experience this type of injury after going through:

It is important to remember that injury to your head or brain may not be immediately apparent after experiencing an accident or trauma. Symptoms may take time to surface, and those suffering from injury may not be aware of the severity.

Treatment and recovery for brain injuries typically involves costly long-term care and rehabilitation, and disruption to the victim’s normal lifestyle. Between mounting medical costs, lost income, and the possibility for long-term disability, the financial burden for brain injury victims is significant.

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, it is vital that you reach out to a qualified personal injury attorney who can assist in the recovery of compensation and other damages.

The legal team at Law Office of Samuel I. Kane has many years of experience in handling brain injury cases. We have successfully pursued settlements for a number of clients, and specialize in representing victims against negligent individuals or entities. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your brain injury, our attorneys are committed to representing you competently, and are dedicated to helping you reach a full and fair outcome.

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